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About Kindle Cuisine

Greetings and Welcome to Kindle Cuisine! I am Chef S. Renee Weaks, the Owner & Executive Chef of Kindle Cuisine, formerly Nee's Kitchen. From a young age, I had a passion for everything food and I do mean EVERYTHING! My Southern roots nurtured my love of cooking, as well as my distinct preparation and colorful presentations. Not the typical childhood picky eater, I loved to experience different foods. Food should be just that, AN EXPERIENCE! From exposure to new cultures and culinary creativity, to broadening and indulging  all of your human senses, FOOD SHOULD AROUSE YOUR PALATE AND SEND YOU ON AN ENTICING JOURNEY.

I specialize in cooking family­ style, seasoned cuisine with fresh, high­ quality ingredients, and alluring presentations. We will take the stress out of meal planning for events of all kinds (large or small). Kindle Cuisine has everything you need to create the perfect meal to accompany your family gathering, office party, or special event and deliver it right to your door. My personal commitment to my business and its clients is to provide exceptional service and an unparalleled culinary experience that will keep you coming back for more!


Here at  Kindle Cuisine, we are passionate about igniting your senses and arousing your palate….we want you to do a little happy dance with every bite! 

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